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Fully modernized professional processing powered by state of the art data feeds for the most thorough research to ensure accuracy and success.

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Rapid Liens has been a leader for nearly 30 years. Our accumulated knowledge and relationships make us the most formidable lien enforcement specialists around.


Nothing ensures success as well as experience and resources. Rapid Liens has successfully collected millions and foreclosed thousands of titles. Trust us with your business.


By law in NYS there is no specific time period you have to wait to place a lien. We find the faster you take action the better the result in getting paid. The longer you wait, the property depreciates and you lose valuable space.
Rapid Liens has the fastest turnaround time in the industry averaging 29 days. We are the only lien firm in NY that is fully automated and professionally staffed around the clock which means most liens get secured within 24 hours of your approval.
Yes. In fact there is not another firm in the country with more direct access to DMV records than Rapid Liens. State of the art technology with data pulls from multiple federal, state and proprietary resources means we get the information we need no matter where the title originates.
In most cases yes, but there are quite a few particulars that require careful scrutiny to ensure the validity of your lien and make certain you get the result you want. Talk to a Rapid Liens expert about your particular case and we will help you better understand the law.
Yes, in order to perfect a lien you must be able to affirmatively state that you performed services on a property (car/boat, etc) that were left unpaid for. You must prove to the DMV that you had the legal authority to perform those services, hence you need to provide a business license otherwise the DMV will most likely reject your lien.
Absolutely not and don’t bother asking. Rapid Liens is a professional services firm that specialize in legally enforcing your rights under NYS law to claim lien and get paid or in many cases obtain a clean title to the debtors vehicle. The law requires a minimum 28 day wait period to give the debtor a chance to pay or take action. No one can enforce a lien faster than us. You cannot get around the law, no way, no how and anyone who tells you different is running a scam and breaking the law.
One of the greatest facts about the lien process is that when a new title is issued for a debtors property it is issued free of any encumbrances or prior liens. That means our liens will wipe out bank loans and lien holders when the process is complete.


Pre Lien Demand

  • Includes Standard Research
  • Basic VIN Verification
  • Standard Enforcement Demand
  • Standard Notification
  • Expert Advisory Services
  • Credit Against Full Lien

Pro Lien Complete

  • Includes Premium Research
  • 50 State Origin Reporting
  • Premium Notification & Publication
  • Lifetime Legal Standard Archival
  • Comprehensive Statutory Documentation
  • Expedited Processing

Marine & Other

$350& up
  • Includes Elite Research Services
  • USCG, GOV & DOS Compliance
  • Lifetime Legal Standard Archival
  • Premium Statutory Documentation
  • Premium Publication & Notification 
  • Expedited Processing


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