Rapid Liens fights for hardworking business owners chasing their American Dream.

Don’t let her small stature and warm greeting fool you, Mrs. Kim is one tough business lady and she knows Rapid Liens. She ran one of the best collision shops in one of the toughest neighborhoods in all of New York, Willets Point in the monstrous shadow of the late Shea Stadium. That is until she scrapped her way up the ladder to a bigger, better state of the art shop in Flushing, Rich Auto.

Fighting for the American Dream in a place like The Point isn’t made any easier when deadbeats take off with the insurance checks even after you put your hard earned cash into parts and labor to fix their cars. Mrs. Kim knows a secret though, she doesn’t play Mrs. Nice Guy when they don’t pay. She knows from experience that waiting on money is the same as losing money and sitting on cars that are complete while insurance companies and customers argue or trying to be nice to the nickel and dimers, doesn’t pay her bills. Sometimes you just have to give them a little push to get off their rear end and pay and that’s where we come in.

For over 20 years she’s been calling Rapid Liens. Even though we don’t speak Korean and English isn’t her native tongue it doesn’t matter, she trusts us to get it done.

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