Garageman Liens Help NY Repair Shops Collect Money Owed

I have to tell you about my man big Steve from the beautiful island of Jamaica here in New York chasing the dream, his incredible skills honed from decades working on the most expensive European vehicles. He’s a career master mechanic and when he doesn’t get paid he calls Rapid Liens to execute Garageman Liens on his slow paying customers.

Steve knows BMWs inside and out. He’s the kind of mechanic who can diagnose your car while you’re sitting in it at a light just by the sound of the engine. But he doesn’t just rely on his experience he’s invested tens of thousands of dollars in electronics and computers to make sure these cars run right.

His shop Unique BM are specialists focusing exclusively on high and European vehicles and as the name says BMWs are what they do and they fix them right the first time.

Steve is a specialist and Steve knows Rapid Liens. Like all the hard-working mechanics in New York he recognizes that his customers might not always be able to write the check to actually pay for the repairs that are needed. That’s why Steve keeps our number very handy. Before Steve hit the big time opened up a state of the art shop and really started to realize what it was take to run a big business, Steve used to use the ‘knock around’lien guy who might answer the phone or might not. He came to realize that that just doesn’t work in business.

If you asked Steve to fix your car he tells you when and gets it done that’s what he likes about Rapid Liens we do the same. He knows that Rapid Liens specializes in garageman’s liens for mechanics and repair shops all across New York, and he knows when he calls us the job gets done right on time the first time. We like Steve and Steve likes Rapid Liens.