Rapid Liens, The Garageman’s Lien Specialists.

Sections 184, 201 and 202 of the Garageman’s Lien Law specify the procedure for foreclosing garageman’s lien for businesses engaged in repairing, towing or storing vehicles, including boats. The Lien Law requires the garageman to: notify the owner of the vehicle; advertise the sale of the vehicle; and sell the vehicle at public auction.  The law is in place to help you the hard working business owner in New York State but it is up to you in to put it into action.

For nearly 30 years Rapid Liens has been the best friend of small business owners throughout New York State. If you have never placed a garageman’s lien before, don’t waste any more time, call Rapid Liens at 800-79-LIENS and we will apply our 3 decades of experience to your unique situation and work hard to get you paid.

Time in business has a way of demonstrating that there are a certain percentage of customers who turn out to be deadbeats. The kind that don’t return call, won’t respond to kind words or ignore any letters you send. They are content with leaving you footing the bill.  They don’t lose sleep at night worrying about your family or feeling remorseful about not paying their bills. In fact some of them use this kind of behavior as a rule instead of an exception, hanging business owners out to dry long enough until your frustration just causes you to give in and give them their property back and slash your bill just to be done with it.

You have a right to your money and we can help. Slow payers, no payers, no problem. We get action, get you paid, or get you claim of title in about 30 days instead of sitting on unpaid bills and unusable and unsaleable vehicles and vessels on your lot or in your garage.